(This is a blog update.   See original post of April 2, 2010.)

Discovery and trial preparations continued in July and August.  The trial date for the former company manager’s lawsuit v. DaimlerChrysler Financial Services Americas, et al. (owned by Cerberus Capital Management L.P.) has been postponed to March 14, 2011.   The continuance was granted to accommodate the substitution of a trial attorney for the Plaintiff.

The complaint includes the following primary causes of action:  1) Wrongful termination in violation of public policy; 2) Age discrimination; 3) Intentional infliction of emotional distress; 4) Unlawful Harassment based on age; 5) Unlawful retaliation; 6) Failure to pay statutorily mandated wages; 7) Failure to provide adequate meal periods and rest breaks; 8) Violation of Labor Code section 1050; and, 9) Unfair Business Practices.

Future updates will follow.